Colonna's Shipyard is Prepared and Capable.

Our facility provides our customers the most efficient and cost effective lay out of pier space, dry-dock, railway, support shops, boat yard and administrative offices in a single and well-equipped location.


Colonna's Shipyard, Inc is a full service ship service and boat repair facility, holding a Master Ship Repair Agreement (MSRA) and Agreement for Boat Repair (ABR).


Navigable Water

The river approach channel is 25ft at low tide.  Colonna's Shipyard can accommodate vessels up to 875 ft in length and 150 ft beam with a draft of 30ft.


Colonna's Crane Services

Colonna's is home to one of the Nation's largest Marine Travel Lift that can support up to 1,000 mt. We also have various cranes and lifts that can lift up to 230 tons.






Colonna's Main Yard

Drydocks and Railways


Colonna's Shipyard has full yard service utility distribution systems including steam, compressed air, compressed gas, potable water, cooling water and electrical power distribution of varying voltage, frequency and amperage. The shipyard owns and maintains two  floating drydocks (to 14,500 ton capacity); one  Marine Railway, One  1,000mt Marine Travelift and several piers and ship berthing spaces.





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Colonna's Shipyard values the environment and engages in eco friendly business practices.


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