Shipyard Access

We welcome you to visit our yard.

colonna's subcontractors shipyard accessAs responsible customers, vendors and subcontractors, it is your responsibility to meet these requirements, understand practices, procedures and follow safety standards at all times. Please contact Colonna’s Shipyard at 757-545-2414 with any questions.

All subcontractors must have met all requirements prior to purchase order, work performance and payment.

Contact Tonya Wilson, Security Access Coordinator:
24 Hour Cell: 757.354.9628
Office: 757.545.2414 ext 310
Fax: 757.494.1370

To provide U.S. CITIZENS access to Colonna’s Shipyard we require the following:

  • JPAS visit notifications – Colonna’s Shipyard SMO code is 8C4275
  • Cover Letter

Cover Letter Requirements:

  • Company logo, address, phone, email, point of contact
  • Prime Contractor or subcontractor information (if you are a subcontractor- indicate the company that you are a subcontractor to for this request)
  • Visit dates (from – to)
  • Vessel name.
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Contract/Solicitation No. (If known)
  • Visit classification (Unclassified/Classified)
  • Statement that “the company verifies the US citizenship of the people submitted and has documentation on file”
  • Printed name, title and signature
  • Complete information on all persons
  • Attach completed access request spreadsheet (see button below)
  • If you are requesting access for a US Citizen that was not born in the US, provide a copy of US Passport or documentation of citizenship

Email to which goes directly to the Visit Access Officer.

Email is the preferred method. If you are unable to email access information – fax to 757-494-1370, attention Visit/Access.

To provide NON U.S. Citizens access to Colonna’s Shipyard we require the following:

Contact Tonya Wilson 757-354-9628 (24/7) or 757-545-2414 x310, 757-545-3121 FAX.

Email for special instructions.

Requests for non-US citizens must be received one week in advance.

Access Request Spreadsheet