About Us

Our Vision and Values


Customer-focused, employee-driven execution of maritime and industrial maintenance, repair, and construction. Rooted in ship repair, Colonna’s’ will be the trusted project management partner for maritime and heavy industrial applications on the East Coast and beyond. We will bring skilled craftspeople and project management expertise to bear on uniquely complex projects, both on and off the water.

colonna's shipyard values



We build people up through an unwavering commitment to authenticity and personal accountability.


Respect for the individual is paramount – it is earned through a continual focus on the betterment of our company and community.


We own our work. Constant pursuit of mastery is a requirement because outcomes matter to our community, our customer, and our country.


We deal in facts and information. We build ownership through integrity, which is the cornerstone of all of our relationships.



The founder of this company held that honesty, hard work, and fair dealing were the cornerstones to success. With nearly 150 years of success built on that foundation, we know that:

  1. Safety is everyone’s job – all the time.
  2. Work happens on site – not in an office.
  3. Everyone is on the same team.
  4. We tell the truth – all the time.
  5. We manage the company’s finances as if they were our own personal finances
  6. Customers are why we exist.
  7. We are all accountable.