About Us

Our Vision and Values


To become the preferred provider of high quality, time critical maintenance, repair, and fabrication services to the marine and industrial markets in the region. We will strive to create the best long term value for all stakeholders who include our clients, employees, vendors, subcontractors, and stakeholders.

colonna's shipyard values


Respect: Earned and Given

Have respect for yourself, for others, the community and the environment. Listen to each other and treat everyone with fairness and dignity. Show respect for your safety and the safety of your co-workers and our customers. Respect is golden: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Pride: Own It

Take pride in our work and our company. Our best is valued and we are committed to being productive, responsible and finishing what we start. We will deliver excellence, strive for improvement and respond openly to change. Pride: own it, earn it, and share it.

Truth: Character Matters

Tell the truth and expect it in return. Be honest and accountable for our actions and communicate openly. Truth: do the right thing always and remember that character matters.

Family: Stronger Together

We are committed to working together as a team, mutually supportive and are united through our commitment and purpose. Family: stronger together.