Pipe Shop

From die-threading, to bending, to cutting and everything in between, look to Colonna's for pipe fabrication and installation.

pipe facilitiesThe Pipe Shop is capable of bending, targeting, templating, fitting, pickling, stress relieving, flushing, cleaning, testing and threading pipe for systems including liquid, steam, gas and semi-solid. Shop personnel have the training and experience to perform expected work under this contract including:

  • Die-threading of pipes
  • Pipe bending
  • Performing Quality Assurance testing on fabrication process & products
  • Assembling of pipes and flanges by welding, brazing and swaging
  • Cut pipes with oxy-acetylene torches and pipe-cutting machines
  • Conduct standard Shop Computations relating to flow, pressure and pipe size requirements
  • Test and inspection
  • The Pipe Shop has the capability to work with steel, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, copper and copper-nickel

General Pipe Capabilities Include:

  • Capability to cut 20″ diameter pipe
  • Bend up to 4″ diameter pipe
  • Cutting and punching angle and flatbar
  • Threading pipe from ½” to 4″ diameter

The largest size diameter pipe the Pipe Shop is capable of working is 20 inches.

Major Pipe Shop Equipment Includes:

  • DoAll Model TF-20
  • Greenlee Pipe Bender
  • Polypac Iron Crafter
  • Rax Threading Machine