Cranes + Rigging Shop

At Colonna's, our crane and rigging teams are experts at the on-and-off loading of materials for repair and installation.

cranes and rigging facilitiesThe Rigging Shop supports other Shops/Trades for moving material and equipment on/off vessel for repair and installation. Additionally, this shop has responsibility for all transportation equipment in the yard. The riggers are responsible for erection of staging and temporary platforms, operation of cranes, and removal/installation of major vessel components and equipment, splicing of hoist/lift cables, building cribbing and cradles, replacement of cable on cranes, and the evaluation of lifting capability of pad eyes, chains, cables, beams, spreader bars, shackles and hooks. Typical removal/installation components and equipment include valves, anchor handling equipment, consoles and generators with lifts up to 50 tons. The yard owns and operates over 20 cranes with maximum capacity lifts to 300 tons. Heavier lifts are supported by renting or leasing from several available crane companies in the area. All cranes and lifting equipment is tested and certified annually as required by State, Local and Federal regulations.

Personnel in this Shop Have Specialized Training In:

  • Crane operation
  • Forklift operation and handling
  • Offshore crane maintenance and operation
  • Rigging (school certification)
  • Apprenticeship schooling

The Rigging Shop’s Major Equipment Includes:

  • 230 Ton Manitowoc Crawler Crane on Barge
  • 100 ton Mobile Crane (1)
  • 80 ton TM880 Truck Mounted Crane (1)
  • 60 ton Linkbelt Rough Terrain Mobile Cranes (2)
  • 20 ton P & H Mobile Cranes (2)
  • 28 ton Grove Mobile Crane (1)
  • 1 ton Electric Forklifts (2)
  • 2 ton TCM Forklifts (2)
  • 4 ton TCM Forklifts (2)
  • 10 ton TCM Forklift (1)
  • 25 ton Chain Falls (3)
  • 10 ton Chain Falls (10)
  • 5 ton Chain Falls (10)
  • 3 ton Chain Falls (6)
  • 1 ton Chain Falls (25)
  • Wing Wall Cranes 15 ton (2)
  • Wing Wall Cranes 20 ton (2)
  • Bridge Cranes up to 50 ton (12)
  • Jib Cranes up to 5 ton (14)