Fabrication Shop

Colonna's personnel of highly-skilled welders, burners, and fitters can handle a wide range of steel repair and fabrication.

fabricationThe shop provides specialized training for Welders, Burners and Fitters through various apprenticeship programs, including Tidewater Maritime Training Institute Welding School, Burning School, Pipefitting School, QA Training, and welding process certifications.

The Heated Structural/Sheet Metal Shop has the Following Characteristics and Capacities:

  • Largest door opening (40 feet wide x 30 feet high)
  • Overhead bridge cranes (2) (100 ton)
  • Span (75 feet)
  • Distance under hook (30 feet)
  • Overhead Bridge Crane (10 ton)
  • Span (40 feet)
  • Distance under hook (27 feet)
  • JIB Cranes total (10) electric (2 ton)
  • Swing (24 feet)
  • Under JIB (15 feet)
  • Electrical Service (2000 Amp 480 Volt)
  • Utilities including: compressed air, potable water, oxygen and acetylene, argon and C02, and natural gas

Our Highly Skilled Structural/Sheet Metal Shop Personnel are:

  • Proficient in use of tools and equipment such as: come-alongs, hydraulic jacks, wedges, dogs, speed wrenches, spiders, planers, saws, chainfalls, band saw, turnbuckles, grinders, shears, press brakes, plate roller, bending machines, and forklifts
  • Capable of template making from lofting or in position onboard vessels
  • Proficient in physical assembly, prefabrication and erection on-site or “down river” of individual structural elements or prefabricated panels and three dimensional sub-assemblies
  • Capable of template making, fabrication and installation of complex ventilation systems
  • Capable of repairing, installing and fabricating parts from steel and aluminum
  • Proficient in the layout of work from detailed working drawings, and
  • Proficient in all aspects of testing and inspections

We Fabricate Structures from Simple Shapes to Complex Superstructures of Modular Construction:

  • Shape & bend up to 11 ft of ½” plate or up to 7 ft of ¾” plate
  • Simultaneous multi-cutting capabilities
  • Cutting capability up to 8″ steel, speeds up to 400 IPM, travel speeds up to 600 IPM
  • Cutting capability up to 12″ diameter pipe, I-beam and Angle
  • Cutting Capability from 10’ x 40’ plates with CNC nesting software
  • Plate rolling, Grinding and Fitting

Major Shop Equipment:

  • 400 ton Pacific Press Brake
  • 150 ton multi-station iron crafter
  • 90 ton Piranha Iron Worker
  • Union Carbide CM-50 Shape Cutting Machine with plasma torch for cutting up to 1 ½” sheet stock
  • Cincinnati Shear 1” x 10’
  • Various Hand held plasma cutters up to 1” capacity
  • Marvel Serial 8 Band Saw
  • CNC Ercolina Mac-030 Megabender – Capacity of pipe up to 4” and schedule 80
  • Cincinnati Radial Arm Drill Press