Colonna's has invested to ensure our capabilities meet the diverse needs of our customers.

facilitiesNow encompassing more than 100 acres, our facility provides our customers an efficient and cost effective lay out of pier space, dry docks, railway, support shops, boat yard and administrative offices in a single and well-equipped location. The total covered building under roof at Colonna’s is approximately two hundred forty thousand (240,000) square feet, inclusive of one hundred and fifteen thousand (115,000) square feet of covered shipyard shop and storage space.

Colonna’s Shipyard has full yard service utility distribution systems including steam, compressed air, compressed gas, potable water, cooling water and electrical power distribution of varying voltage, frequency and amperage. Additionally, we maintain two customer dedicated office facilities including the capability to berth and mess over 40 people.

Navigable Water

The river approach channel is 25ft. at low tide. The shipyard can accommodate vessels up to 875 ft. in length and 150 ft. beam with a draft of 30 ft.

Colonna’s Crane Services

Colonna’s is home to a 1,000 metric ton Marine Travelift, along with various cranes and lifts that can lift up to 230 tons.

Dry Docks and Railways

#1 Dry Dock620′87′ 9″25′ 9″15,750 Long Tons
#2 Dry Dock270′70′17′2,800 Long Tons
#3 Dry Dock590′104′ 6″24′11,320 Long Tons
Marine Railway230′60′15′ 5″1,300 Long Tons
Marine Travelift250′58′22′1,000 Metric Tons


LengthWidthMax DraftMajor Services
East Wharf360′12′15′Limited Service
Pier 3175′12′12′ 5″Limited Service
Pier 4175′16′12′ 5″Limited Service
Pier 5900′22′30′Full Service
Pier 6650′24′30′Full Service
Pier 8237′27′26′Full Service
Pier 9320′27′26′Full Service
Pier 11545′27′27′Full Service
Spotico Wharf400′17′Limited Service